Steven Richards and Tristan Mathews

Well here we are once more with some new and fresh sexual scenes for you to enjoy and see. For this scene we wanted to bring you some guys doing some nice role-play and what we ended up with was Steven and Tristan getting around to doing some naughty stuff for the afternoon today. Take your time to see the last two studs here as well named Philly and Giovanni as they also got to do some nice fucking! These two however are far more kinkier and dirty minded and you will get to see just how much in this nice and hot scene of theirs for the afternoon today. Let’s get the show with them started and see them in action.

They were in the roles of student and teacher. And you can bet that this naughty teacher is about to teach his worst student some nice lessons. Who knows, maybe like this he’s going to start getting some good grades. Enjoy seeing the scene start off with the stud of a student sucking his teacher’s nice cock for a good while. Well that was all nice and sexy too but the teach was in the mood for a more serious lesson. Like how to take a nice and big cock up the ass. So sit back and enjoy seeing the teacher teach this  stud how to take it in the ass nice and deep and have fun with this hot and amazing scene today. If you wanna see other horny gay guys sukcing and riding, check out the site!



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